morning text 1

in a yellow morning on the way to the bakery

(dedicated to a research plan in which I get tired
and decide to ‘bye bye ”why”)

hello respected ‘why’
a lovely day indeed
we meet again I’m realizing
is this a trick or treat?

this morning very early
the sun was red and thick
I looked myself into the mirror
and he asked my why you trick

I took a sharp decision than
to throw that heavy ‘justify’
and start a different journey
which you’re not attending ‘why’

I’m sorry and don’t care
as we both know that’s temporary
we will not only meet again
but next time I’ll be ready

forgot to ask you by the way
how are you ‘why’?, if I may say
it’s been a while that I am waiting
which starts to feel ‘all work no play’

it doesn’t matter, that’s ok
just one last thing regarding
the next time we encounter
you might not recognize me
just be aware, remember that
it is the only right way forward
take care, so long, respectful friend,

I’m glad me met


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