Momchil Alexiev is born in Sofia and spends his childhood between Moscow and his home town. Finishes high school at the Montessori Italian Lyceum of Sofia and in 2003 moves to Rome where he follows his Bachelor’s Degree at La Sapienza University.

Works on short films and documentaries and collaborates as a video scenographer with theatre companies in Italy, Bulgaria and The Netherlands. Develops interactive installations and is a co-founder of the research centre Aesop Studio and a production company called Growing Videos.

In his work in video scenography and installations he often combines theatre and video in the form of layers. The fascination with this process evolves into a search for new converging points. He believes that new visual mediums offer an answer. As part of the Netherlands Film Academy Master Program he brings his search further. After working within film, performance and installations his graduation project is set to be a 360 degree film. His focus is on expanding the notions of cinematic space and immersive film. Writer of stories and poems with humorous and absurd touch his inspiration lies in revealing unsuspected corners of reality and search for the boundaries of its layers.

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