Eyes Light Bodies Bright

I was looking into my way of seeing a particular night and place. It struck me already while filming back in 2009. Later in post I have been “jumping around” this material on various occasions. It took time for it to ferment and for me to understand that sound has never been part of it.

silent; mini DV ( 787 x 576 pixels ); sample:


prewriting for essay film

Dear Long John Silver,

I learned about the unsuccessful boarding attack on the royal navy transatlantic that you and the captain had organized several months ago and am very displeased to hear that you have lost your right eye in that unfortunate enterprise. It has become obvious to me that in fact many people nowadays share a similar condition and that this reconnects to the main problematics I have been inquiring on in the recent years.
As referenced by you in our previous conversations and the letters you have send me, there is in fact a serious shift occurring nowadays that you would not be able to grasp easily or at least not without the help of a contemporary technique like the one I have in mind.
I would like to start with that recent occurrence you told me about in which you woke up in the middle of the night
from a strange sound and opened your eye trying to ‘see’ something. As you describe it you had in that moment the strange experience of not attributing any verbal or mental interpretation to the visual stimuli but in the same time being aware of it. Also, you say, that feeling of preconscious perceiving of reality lasted quite long, maybe several seconds until your brain stepped out of the hypnosis of your own dream. Continue reading