morning text 2

I was wondering

Dear Best Friend,

I was wondering. All night I was wondering. An idea was coming to my mind and than drifting. Than coming closer again and running back. I was trying to catch it but it would escape, only to tickle me again on the nose or the feet in just a few minutes. In the moment I would start flying away in the land of mindless rest and peaceful darkness it would come back and inspire me. I was waking up, wondering what it was and trying to remember. It was on the tip of my tongue but I couldn’t reach it. I tried to write it down, but without success. Than I would fall asleep and same will repeat again and again until the sun enters the kitchen window.
This has been happening for the last three nights now as the humid and warm air is conquering the valley. I am afraid my dear friend, I won’t be able to catch that idea, to overcome myself and reach for this brilliant beautiful thought…anyway.This morning I noticed I was all covered with mosquito bites.
I was than wondering…

Your Best Friend,


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