Exploring Space

What I like about images in space is the fact that our brain needs more time to explore and understand them. There is literally a little cubic part in the backside of our brain that reconstructs through approximation the dimensions of the space we are in. This is an evolutionary function related to survival, i.e. defining what is the distance between me and a dangerous animal. It involves our peripheral vision in the exploration of the landscape, therefore it takes more time to understand than a flat 2D image. That is why if 3D image editing is fast, i.e. scenes change too rapidly, it will become incomprehensible. I connect this to the speed of learning and exploring, and the type and quality of knowledge that can be transmitted through film. I enjoy editing in the frame, revealing a mis en scene and building up notions through space, therefore the aesthetics of 3D mediums is very suited for people like me, who are also interested in theatre and performances.

An Introduction to Stereo 3D Cinema

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