Bambina Mia

Last week together with Ruotalibera Teatro and Teatro dei Dis-occuapti we delivered this beautiful fairy performance to the smallest spectators of Rome!
It is called
Bambina Mia.

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Main elements of the scenography are lights and video projections. Semi transparent canvases helped us create the ambient and work on depth of field and on volume of objects. The actors are moving freely, interacting with real and projected elements, and are immersing themselves in the digital landscape. It all blends well with the accurate light design. 

The projected doubles of the actors, often lifesize, are coming from our idea to reconnect with the principle of holography and study a different facet of the relation between real and magical.

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Bambina Mia | Ruotalibera Teatro from Momchil Alexiev on Vimeo.


Ruotalibera Teatro production
in collaboration with Teatro dei Dis-occupati

with: Monica Crotti, Floriana Rocca
director: Tiziana Lucattini
dramaturgy: Fabio Traversa
assistant: Massimo Cusato
scenography: Momchil Alexiev
lights: Martin Beeretz

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